Type rs 103

Automatic high-speed 1-colour screen printing machine for printing / decorating of round, flat and elliptical plastic containers.

Closed printing system with 8 parts holders and optimal safety device, including pre-treatment system (corona or flame) and UV drying, equipped with reliable PLC control and touch screen operation.

Available with manual or automatic loading
For the automatic loading, place your products in a container. The parts are automatic. sorted and placed on a conveyor belt.

The manual loading takes place through a conveyor belt. The parts are manually placed on the conveyor. belt The conveyor belt has rubber wheels or is a flat rubber band, width approx 300mm - other sizes available upon request at an additional cost.

Once the parts arrive at the machine, a mechanical gripper takes the parts and transfers them onto the belt of the machine.

Built-in flame pre-treatment

After the products were placed on the conveyor belt of the machine, they are transported to the first station - the pretreatment. Width of the flame 50 - 220 mm, max. up to 300m possible.

The flame pre-treatment is equipped with an electric ignition As soon as the sensor detects the product, the pre-treatment starts in a fully automatic mode. The products rotate automatically in front of the gas flame, driven by a motor.

 If the sensor does not detect any more parts, an automatic system stops the gas supply.


There are 8 part holders. The parts are put on a holder and fixed with a cylinder. The parts are turned during printing.

UV drying

After completion of the printing, the parts pass to the UV drying with a lamp, 1000W or 2000W depending on product to be printed. The products automatically rotate in front of the UV lamp, driven by an electric motor


After drying, the parts automatically fall in a container or similar (provision of material by customer).

Technical data Type rs 103
Max. part length approx. 20-280 mm
Max. part diameter approx. 8-80 mm (optional up to 120 mm)
Print performance Target value approx. 4000 parts/hour
Air pressure approx. 4-6 bar
Connection approx. 380 VAC, 2,2kW
Weight approx. 600 kg
Dimensions approx. 1,000 x 900 x 1,700 mm