Screen printing machine

rs 102 and rs 30/110

Automatic high-speed multi-colour screen printing machine (max. 4 colours) - ideally suited for printing/decorating of round, flat and elliptical products (e.g. plastic container) with fast, smooth print movement. Even small and gentle cosmetic bottles can be perfectly printed with this machine.

By expanding to up to 4 printing units, the basic machine type rs 102 UV can be easily expanded to a modern multi-station screen printing machine. Thus, several inks in a single operation are possible.

The screen printing machine is equipped with flame pre-treatment (gas) and heat exhaust system as well as a highly efficient, multi-UV drying system.

The machine is also equipped with reliable PLC control and touch screen operation.

In addition, we offer an automatic. supply system as well as a discharge system for this machine.

Technical data Flatec Type rs 102
Max print performance Approx. 2000-2500 parts/hour depending on the product
Max. print length Approx. 300 mm
Max. print width Approx. 60-280mm
Max. print size Diameter 25-120mm, Length 50-280mm
Air pressure Approx. 5-7 bar
Connection 380/400V,50 Hz
Air consumption Approx. 380V AC, 9kW