Flat bed/Screen printing machine

Typ rs 1014/1800

Flat bed/Screen printing machines

This high performance standard screen printing machines are designed for the printing of flat products and are available in different versions for 5 different print formats. The screen printing template moves up and down vertically. The distance between the template and the product to be printed can be adjusted depending on the height of the product to a certain extent. The work table is available as T-slot table or with vacuum function (also with electric drive) and can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally in order to ensure the best possible print accuracy. The screen printing machines are equipped with a counter for the number of prints performed. Our rs 1014/1800 screen printing machines are opportune printing machines for professional use.

Technical Data Typ rs 1014/1800
Max. print format approx. 300 x 400 mm
Dimensions Workbench approx. 350 x 450 mm
Production performance approx. 700 Teile/Std.
Max. Part height
approx.250 mm
Connection approx. 220V, 50Hz - 1 kW