rs performance

  • Specific contact person for the targeted customer service
  • Commissioning
  • Training and schooling
  • Application technology / Studies
  • Routine service appointments on request and upon agreement
  • Overhaul / upgrading - updates
  • Spare Parts - Service
  • Long-term availability of spare parts
  • (We only use tested and long-term proven purchase parts from selected suppliers.)

The applications of functioning printing machines/ printing process are endless - we constantly receive entirely new examples!
As a matter of course we carry out preliminary tests and feasibility studies!

Application Examples


with rotary printing holder
rs-druckmaschinen - Übersicht Siebdruckmaschine
mit Runddruckaufnahme
rs-druckmaschinen - Übersicht Siebdruckmaschine
Sonderausstattung: TTC Takt- und Drehteller ausgestattet mit X ?.. Aufnahmen kombiniert mit einem UV-Trocknermodul auch mit mechanischem Auswerfer.
rs-druckmaschinen - screen printing machen applications
Screen Printing Machine with transport shuttle
Transport shuttle - rs screen printing machines
Silk screen Printing Machine Flatec 2000/UV with transport shuttle and UV dryer
Flatec 2000/UV silk screen printing machines with transport shuttle and UV dryer

Screen Printing Machines for round items