with hydraulic cylinder/anvil
with electronically regulated print request


"Hot stamping made easy"

Hot stamping machine model rs 12 with hydraulic cylinder and electronically regulated print request.

Special machine designed specifically for printing crates/boxes and large-volume parts.


  • Stamping surface max. print size 250 x 450 mm or by choice
  • Stamping pressure max. 120 KN/12,000 kg (with hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic pump)
  • The stamping pressures are electronically regulated
  • Pneumatic foil stripper for improved loosening of stamping foil from the product
  • Foil tear control
  • Universal part holder/height-adjustable
  • Freely configurable programme sequences
  • Overview of all functions

Special equipment:

Electronically regulated print request

Special features: ?Simply the best?

This machine is equipped with what is known as an electronically regulated print request for various material thicknesses. The print request consistently guarantees the best printing quality with fully automatic compensation for different material thicknesses.

No more rejects, constant stamping force / constant stamping effects.

The machine is also equipped with a safety cage and class 4 safety barrier.

This machine can be loaded manually or fully automated with a robot

Simple and easy to operate!
Made in Germany/made by rs in Bad Kreuznach.

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