Hot Foil Stamping letting you focus on the essentials

Hot stamping machines from rs

All of our standard, semi-automated hot stamping machines were developed especially for use with

  • hot stamping foils, and
  • transfer image foils

With the hot stamping machine, the foils come off a foil storage spool and are transferred to the respective article by means of temperature and pressure. After the stamping process, the remaining backing material is wound onto a spool for residual foil.

We always maintain:

  • The highest safety standards with guards and safety light barriers
  • Maximum flexibility for a wide variety of applications/customer-specific adaptations such as optical sampling for foil tear control/foil stripping/automatic loading and removal of the parts. Additional expansion stages ? automation such as rotary tables etc.

We guarantee:

  • Exact printing results
  • A user-friendly machine
  • Variable adjustment and saving of process parameters
  • Temperature/pressure and stamping times that can be configured for virtually all materials
  • High printing performance depending on the degree of automation
  • ?Hot stamping? is a relatively simple, uncomplicated, user-friendly and reliable process
  • refabricated print images can be transferred to the article being decorated using what are known as transfer image films by means of pressure and heat
  • The hot stamping process is one of few printing processes that is frequently more costeffective than other printing processes, such as screen printing and pad printing

The hot stamping process

Only those who understand the world of hot stamping and the technology as a whole can also master the processes. Competent advice is the cornerstone of every successful project.

Thanks to the established technical knowledge of rs and decades of experience, we are able to analyse your application and develop the best possible solution for our customers.

Ideally you contact us during your project's development phase. The earlier you involve us, the sooner we will find a solution for you.

Application technology consulting, design proposals for your component and tests in our laboratory help your project succeed.