Next-generation hot stamping foil press
for rotary and cone printing

Model rs 75 hot stamping machine equipped with CE protection, safety light barrier, pneumatic support table and foil stripper; rotary table and pneumatic ejector available as options!

Outstanding processing with high-quality materials and special, unique functionality! Base frame and CE safety guard, tremendously sturdy, made of high-grade aluminium which is also very light. Extremely sturdy and lightweight. This machine type is versatile for combinations!

Electro-pneumatic stamping machine in C-frame design with microprocessor control unit, suitable for use with high stamping pressure, for foil stamping.

The following can be adjusted: Pressure, stamping time, temperature, foil feed and part height. The machine is equipped with a winder for leftover foil, a maintenance unit, a variable embossing plate, a two-hand switch and emergency stop button.

The safety devices are offered for a surcharge.


Tiefziehmaschine mit IR-Oberheizung
Heissprägemaschine rs 75 für Konusdruck - Techniche Daten - Tabelle

The parts are fed and removed by hand/manually or by robot. Printing or stamping is activated by pressing a two-hand switch or by a robot start signal.